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Why Choose Smardt


Smardt’s range of chillers is ideally suited for the HVAC sector, be it commercial offices, hotels & resorts, retail, health care, data center, or institutional projects.

Smardt's Turbocor magnetic bearing chillers have been identified throughout the world as a major (and relatively simple) tool to increase the energy efficiency of HVAC plants

and are increasingly being specified, with the following main benefits:

WB140 side by side in plantroom.JPG

Superior Technology

  • Superior part load efficiencies with reduced energy and operating costs

  • The system is oil-free and incorporates minimal wearing parts reducing maintenance cost

  • Minimal noise levels – very quiet operation

  • No start-up current peaks – starting current less than 5 Amp

  • Increased redundancy due to multiple compressors (above 80TR chillers)

  • With extended power control (option) turn down ratio to 70% without tripping

  • Online monitoring possible

Excellent Warranties & Certifications

  • Standard 12-month warranty

  • Warranty extendable to 5 years subject to utilizing our service staff and to an additional fee

  • Our chillers are AHRI certified

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Proven Track Record

  • Outstanding manufacturing Experience

  • More than 18 years' experience with Turbocor compressors

  • Installed the first Turbcor chiller in Indonesia already in 2011

  • 5 factories on 4 continents – as such always close to the customer

  • More than 8,000 chillers in the market with the longest track record

Impeccable Service

  • Maintenance and service performed by local service staff

  • Exceptional Service

  • Very good global spare part availability, with many off-the-shelf-components

  • 24/7 service hotline

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