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Who We Are

PT Smart Chiller Systems is the Indonesian agent of Smardt Chiller Group in Indonesia.


Smardt is synonymous with Turbocor Chillers, having brought the first Turbocor chiller to market in early 2002.


Smardt Group is producing, as of 2020, in 6 factories worldwide, and with over 8,000 deployed chillers, is still the global leader in magnetic bearing chiller technology. 

For the Indonesian market, our magnetic- bearing OIL-FREE chillers are manufactured under the highest quality standards in Australia, or any of our other 5 factories according to client's preference.

SMARDT stands for extraordinary expertise & innovation, and we were the first ones to bring this innovative chiller machine to market, globally, and now in Indonesia in 2011.

As of 2020, we have installed over 16,000TR of chiller capacity in Indonesia, all oil free and all saving money to our customers.

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Our Core Clients

Sectors that we cater to include: 






Chemical Industry

Data Centers

Food Processing

...and almost all other areas where cooling is required.

Our Team

Marc Pop
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A passionate Eco-preneur, Marc has started his career in renewables in 2002, and has been active in the Indonesian  clean energy market since 2008, originally with carbon credit origination and RE project development work.


Since 2010 his focus is on clean energy ventures, from renewable power plants to energy efficiency, having established initially Indonesian Clean Power Ventures and later several companies in Indonesia.

Benjamin Roos
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As an electronics engineer with a specialization in building management systems and in development work in Indonesia since 2012, Benji adds an important technical skillset to the Smardt Indonesia team.

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Heiko is an expert HVAC systems engineer with a German degree and 30 years of industry experience. With his knowledge and hands-on experience he is well placed to lead our applications team

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